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Auf Wunsch fertigen wir all unsere Maschinen auch mit Ihrem Logo und – bei größeren Mengen – auch in Ihrer Firmen-Farbe!


Welcome at LINDER GmbH!

SeeveTEC is the packaging machinery brand of LINDER GmbH. From simple semi-automatic strapping machines, carton sealers and erectors up to fully-automatic strapping machines with integrated conveyor technic, the entire range of packaging machines can be offered. In addition, excellent customer support is guaranteed by our European network of technicians. Consumables for all machine types comes directly from LINDER GmbH providing quality manufacturer's quality.

Simply give us a call or send us an email - we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Semi-automatic strapping machines for packages where the strap is pulled manually over the packaging good

Automatic strapping machines with arch and up to 60 cycles per minute, for PP narrow and standard strapping

Fully-automatic strapping machines for pallets with horizontal and vertical strappings for integration in automatic packaging lines
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Semi-automatic palett strapping machines for pallets where the strap is pulled manually over the packaging good

Carton sealers, carton erectors in semi- and fully-automatic versions as well as integrated strapping/carton sealer machines

Conveyor technic with and without drives, such as belt, flared and roll conveyors

Free arm wrapping machines Turn table warpping machine Mobile warpping machines

Free arm wrapping machines are wrapping machines on which the cargo is not turned but a so called "arm" turns around. This is recommended for very light or very heavy cargo.

The turntable wrapping machine is the basic version of a wrapping machine. The cargo has to be put on a routating plate, which turns the cargo and so the plastic film is wrapped around. This is basically cheaper than free arm wrapping machines but the cargo has to be stable and of a certain weight.

Wrapping robots are either lead manually around the cargo or they are driving around and wrapping the cargo automatically. This is ideal for minimum wrappings per day and for very long or broad cargo.


New products



Combined carton sealer and strapping machine

Performance Plus with
PET strapping

PerformancePlus & PET Band

Use strapping machine performance + now also possible with PET strapping

Rotarion SPEED+

Rotarion SPEED+

Compared with conventional stretching wrappers

Strapping machines for packages and pallets

For packages and parcels, simple and cheap semi-automatic strapping machines  are available. With the number of packages a day bigger than ~ 40 pcs, an investment in automatic or even fully-automatic strapping machines where the strap is shot through an arch would make sense. For strapping of pallets, the range of available strapping machines also comprises simple semi-automatic machines where the strap has to be pulled manually over the packaging good as well as fully-automatic machines that can be integrated in an automized packaging line. 

Carton erectors and carton sealers as pasting machines

If you have to seal a larger amount of cardboard boxes a day, investing in a cardboard sealer would make sense. If cardboard box sizes are almost always the same, a semi-automatic carton sealer would be sufficient - otherwise a fully-automatic carton sealer would be preferable. Supplemented by a carton erector, the entire sealing process can be automized.

Conveyor belts and rollers customized to your needs

On this website you can find a full range of conveyor technic such as conveyor belts and roll conveyors with or without drives. In addition you will find out the difference between standard, light and heavy duty roll conveyors as well as the advantages and disadvantages of plastic and steel rolls.

You will find all information about SeeveTEC's prdouct range on this website – semi- and fully-automatic strapping machines, carton sealers, carton erectors, conveyor technic such as roll conveyors with or without drives etc.!


Stretch batcher: Wrapping machines as turntable, free arm or wrapping robot

To round up our production programm, we installed a new product categorie of wrapping machines. So we can ensure a customer support in every range of transport packaging, starting with strapping and pasting up to streching. Three standard types of wrapping machines can be differentiated: The most common stretching machine is the socalled turntable wrapping machine, at whom the cargo is put on a rotating turntable to be wrapped. If the cargo can not be turned cause of instabilities or too little or rather too heavy weight, free arm wrapping machines are the optimum. The palett is positioned and the arm circles around it while wrapping. The third category are our wrapping robots. They drive around the pallet automatically or wheeled by person. This is the low price alternative in comparison with free arm wrapping machines, but it should only be used with minor daily amounts of pallets as the speed of stretching is much slower than with the free arm stretchers. Additionally, wrapping robots are ideal for usage with cargo which is too wide or too long for standard wrapping machines.