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Flared conveyors

Scherenbahn_zubehoerFlared conveyors are independent and flexible roll conveyors and thus recommended when the conveyor line has to be adjusted quite often. Hence, it is very common using flared conveyors for loading and unloading parcel service cars, for example.

Flared conveyors are:

  • variable in terms of length (extendable)
  • height adjustable (height = 700-1,100mm)
  • movable by means of rolls
  • flexible in terms of design of the conveyor line as curves can be done quite easily

Alle steel components of the flared conveyors are galvanized. By means of connecting pieces, several flared conveyors can be combined to a single long conveyor line.


Flared conveyor with plastic rolls Ø 50 mm


available dimensions

Fully galvanized slidable lattice grate frame

Plastic roll Ø50 x 2.8 mm, blue

screwed galvanized socket-axis

approximately 55-130 mm, depending on pulled-out length

Round pipe construction with continuously adjustable feet, movable, height adjustable from 700 to 1,100 mm (other heights available on demand)