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Start products Semi-autom. strapping machines PalettPlus FX

PalettPlus FX

Our PalettPlus FX is the standard version for semi-automatic palett strapping. You fold down the track manually and move it below the pallet. After pulling it over the packaging good, the strap is put in the machine which subsequently pulls the strap tight, seals and cuts it.


Modell PalettPlus FX

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Data sheet

Technical data

PP strapping
automatic quality grade PP strap with 9-15.5 mm strap width (standard: 12 mm)
Tension force
up to 100 kg (adjustable)
Sealing method
heating element
Kernaufnahme 200 mm - optional 406 mm
Power supply 230V
Min. product height appr. 480 mm
Sealing height 550 mm
Maschine layout 1005 x 765 x 1120 mm (L x W x H)