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Start products Fully-autom. strapping machines LSH-600

Fully automatic palett strapping machine LSH-600

Please note that each fully-automatic strapping machine is customized to your needs and thus planned individually. Hence, the following information is quite generic and has to be adopted to your needs. In order to be able doing a customized offer, pls fill out this web-based questionnaire - we will contact you as soon as possible!


 Fully-automatic horizontal palett strapping machine, type LSH-600, for use with PP or PET strapping with 9 - 19 mm strap width, suitable for integration in a conveyor line with or without drives

Machine features:

  • stable machine construction - robust welded base frame
  • modular design, arch designed based on maximum packaged good dimension
  • powerful sealing head, type LS-300, maintenance-free with maximum availability, exchangeable and floating, movable, meaning LSb = 160 mm
  • big strap accumulator = dispenser type LS-04, arranged behind the sealing head
  • switching cabinet with complete SIEMENS SIEMATIC S 7 – 300 steering, including all switches and switching elements
  • freely programmable PLC control type Siemens S 7 with display
  • strap guide and sealing head are movable height-wise so that multiple horizontal strappings can be done, including gear-brake motor with safety circuit, including platform floor truck with guide rollers
  • up- and downward speed of the strap guide is adjustable by a frequency converter
  • strapping process is triggered by photo cells
  • adjustable tension force
  • according to EG machine directive 89/392, this strapping machine is CE-labelled and is delivered with EG conformity declaration
  • machine is assembled and tested before shipment
  • comprehensive documentation attached


Strapping head :

  • sealing is done by an environmental-friendly heating element ensuring extremely reliable sealing
  • fully electronic, cam-driven sealing head with interval strapping technology
  • tension force adjustable from 0 – 3,500 N (option: 6,500 N)
  • 9 - 19 mm strap width
  • for use with PP or PET strapping
  • compact and maintenance-friendly design with all components and parts being easily accessible


Technical data:

Operating voltage: PE 400/320 V, 3 Ph., 50 Hz.
Control voltage: 24 V, DC
Total connection: 2.0 kVA
Feeding and return speed: 2.5 - 5.5 m/sec
Sealing time: 1.2 - 3 sec. according to chosen tension force
Performance: 60 paletts per hour
Tension force: 0 -3,500 N adjustable (option: 6,500 N)
Strap width: 9 - 19 mm
Strap type: PET or PP strapping
Sealing type: Heating element
Pneumatic: 6 bar
Packaged good dimensions: to be defined
Height roll conveyor: to be defined
Machine weigth: approximately 450 kg


PP or PET strapping spooled on coils with the following dimensions:

Core diameter 406mm
Roll width 150mm


Strapping process (example):

  • Packaged good / pallet is moved in strapping position
  • Locking via electronic contacts
  • Lowering of the horizontal strap guid to strapping position
  • Moving forward of the strapping head against the packaged good / pallet
  • Start strapping cycle:
  • Feeding
  • Tensioning
  • Sealing
  • Cutting
  • Strap guide moves back to start position or forward to next strapping position
  • Clearance signal to conveyor line via electronic contacts (floating contacts)
  • Repetition of the process mentioned above

Central control with the following equipment:

  • freely programmable SPS control
  • Control panel with text display for manual or automatic mode, error messages, function status, special functions, etc.
PLC Siemens S 7 - 300
Display Siemens Touch Screen
Inverter Lenze
Motor - Stretcher Motovario - Lenze
Photo cells Sick
Switching cabinet Rittal
Pneumatic Festo
Noise emission max. 64 dBA