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Automatic strapping machine for PET strapping, model PERFORMANCE +PET, up to 30 cycles per minute, for PP strapping with 9-11 mm strap width, elektronic tension control, automatic strap and strap end ejecting system and automatic strap load


  1. A 9-mm PET strapping is the same tensile strength as a 12 mm PP strapping considerably cheaper
  2. PET strapping is stiffer and therefore runs much trouble-free as PP strapping
  3. PET has a lower back strain, i.e. the applied voltage is maintained
  4. PET is splice-resistant than PP
  5. PET is impact resistant and therefore extremely abrasion poorer, so the maintenance costs are lower than for PP strapping

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(here for PP)

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Tape threading
(here for PP)

Data Sheet

Technical data

PP strapping
PP strapping with 9-16 mm strap width (standard: 12 mm)
Speed up to 30 cycles per minute
Tension force 15-75 kg
Tension control mechanical
Sealing method
Heating element
Core diameter 200 or 280 mm (standard: 200mm)
Power supply 110V / 200V / 230V / 240V, 50/60 Hz, 1 PH
Power consumption 0.72 KW
Sealing head height 800 mm
Layout dimensions 1440 x 600 x 1520 mm (L x W x H)
Machine weight
228 kg